Curvy is a Liquidity Layer accumulatoooor aiming to educate and spread awareness about Curve.

How it works?

The coin features a 6.663% buy and sell tax, with 3.333% of the tax being used to increase the liquidity pool floor and 2.22% being converted into Ethereum (ETH) and used to buy Curve $CRV for the coin's treasury. The remaining 1.11% of the tax is going to an Operational Treasury for Helpers.

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How to play Fetch?

1. Head over to our contract on Etherscan.
2. Click the "Contract" Tab
3. Head to "Write Contract" Tab 
Connect to Web3
4. Look for "fetch" and press the Write button 
Sign and Execute the transaction

Go Play Fetch!


Linearly increasing the amount of supply you can buy per block over the first day of launch

Users can only make 1 trade per block

Choose Your Farm Wisely...

Our Partner:

The Idea

The idea behind this concept is to spread awareness and educate about the Curve Protocol to save Curve (CRV) by generating awareness.

Contract: 0xBc8b7Ff89EB2B73eCDD579F81424a3B582200808

Curve Whitepaper